#FastFriday Week 3

*This is traditionally a post seen on my Instagram @DatGreenblatt and features Oregon Duck related content in celebration of that week's football game, but sometimes I use enough words to describe my passion for things that I love. This is one of those.

Today's #FastFriday is a tribute to one of my favorite #GoDucks uniforms. This one was worn October 6th, 2011 at home against Cal. The Ducks won 43-15, LaMichael James had 243 yards (and a dislocated elbow), and freshman De'Anthony Thomas had three touchdowns. Cal actually led 15-14 at halftime, but the Chip Kelly Express wasn't to be stopped on this Thursday night.

These uniforms are one of my favorites because of their sheer simplicity. The Fighting Duck on the shoulders on a Kelly green jersey really pops along with the Lightning yellow numbers and Fighting Ducks wordmark.

This jersey was marketed by Nike at the time as a 'throwback' yet was the first time the Fighting Duck appeared on an in-game jersey if I recall correctly. The Nike Pro Combat number 3/4 sleeves are something of an experimental concept that wasn't continued much more in the future. Cleats rarely add to the uniform, but these yellow and green ones keep the style steady throughout and aren't overly flashy.

The matte black helmets from the 2011 set complete the look and are the cherry on top of what I would say is a classic example of a modern college football jersey that represents the school without going too far into Roboduck-like status.

Overall this uniform featured all of my and may Duck fans' favorite features: Green and yellow, the O, and the Fighting Duck. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the retail version just a few years back. Thanks for reading, and let me know what Ducks uniform you like best in the comments!

**Update: I recently acquired the Nike hoodie version of this uniform that was sold at retail during the week of the game and has proven very elusive, with eBay listings reaching over $120 for one!**

The Rest

Summer is over. Check the calendars folks.


Now that fall is here, it officially means school, football and saying hello to that Pacific NW rain once more. Normally I, like many other out of state students (you’re welcome for the tuition, sorry for the crowds), make my way up to Oregon after spending the summer at home. Now there are some people who take their summers during college to go work any job they can, in order to earn money to convert into tuition come fall. Others just crash on the couch back home and enjoy seeing the sun for more than a week at a time. Then there’s the rest.


In my three years of college, I’ve quickly learned several things. For one, high school was ultimately pointless. All the years of angst wasted on that small of a speed bump? Yep. But we’re venturing way too close into Buzzfeed territory here, so let’s stop that. Another thing I learned, and the subject of my post you are currently/hopefully still reading, is that there is a certain group of students who stand out from the crowd in all varieties of schools, majors, and places. These individuals, known as the rest, are not typically gifted with any innate abilities. They don’t use money, power, or lasers to get what they want. No, these students are simply restless. The rest put their heads down and just want it. They grind until they get where they want to be. The rest aren’t content to hang out at home all summer, or take a cushy internship at their uncle’s company. No, because just having a job or internship doesn’t automatically put you in with the rest. To be a member of the rest, you must simply never quit. No matter what you are doing with your free time, it is productive. The rest will still tell you that they had a great summer. They went to concerts, took a road trip, and caught up on Bob’s Burgers just like you did. However, they also put in work. They worked harder than they ever thought possible. They didn’t just work, they absolutely hustled. The rest don’t brag on social media about their progress. They just progress. It’s a raw drive, one that cannot be faked, phoned-in, or fooled around with. The work they put in this summer and every one before that are setting themselves up to be one of the greats. Who decides these so-called greats? You do. I do. They do. Whoever fits this description simply is one of the rest. The rest can serve as an inspiration for all. They can make us all work even harder. One of the students that makes the most of their time in college, and gets an amazing job because of it. One of the students who go places in life, or don’t, because they chose to.


Andrew, what’s the point of writing all this? Why am I still reading this? You don’t actually consider yourself one of the rest, do you?


No, I don’t. I never have been one to lead the pack, but that’s precisely why I am writing this. This is my ode to summer. This is my thank you to the rest. The individuals who I heard things about, the ones who I witnessed the results of their labor. These people provided me with motivation to push harder and farther. The success of peers really is the most tangible motivation of all. No matter how hard I work, no matter how much I want the best career possible, I am ultimately the most driven by the rest. The rest don’t aim to brag, or show off, but their actions and body of work speak for themselves. The rest aren’t content to let things come to them, but they know not to sweat the small stuff. You and I may not ever be grouped in with the rest. That’s ok. In the meantime, watch and learn . Never stop pushing for what you want to achieve. Maybe one day you can thank the rest.