Hired by the student-run advertising team AHA as a Strategist, I was tasked with curating insights and creating a convincing approach to be used in formally briefing the creative teams. Below are examples of my briefs and the work that came from my team.

Oregon Ducks Baseball #PartyAtPK (Brief by Zach Cross and Myself):

UO Baseball Brief Slides(1).png

We surveyed over 120 people, with the majority identifying as UO students.

When asked what they associated with UO Baseball and Football, these are some of their responses:

uo baseball emoji 1.PNG

The Campaign (Ongoing)

Outstanding Creative Work and Media Plan by Caleb Couturie, Aven-itza De Primavera, and Sydney Humble.

Macy Naughton helped bond things together with the Univeristy of Oregon athletic department to make this campaign work.